Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

100 bedtime stories (in fairy tale form) about the life of 100 extraordinary women, beautifully illustrated by 60 female artists. This is most certainly one of my favourite children’s books this year and of all time. It’s a real inspiration for young girls, empowering them to take paths that would not necessarily be deemed conventional.

Each page tells the story of an extraordinary woman from around the world in the form of a mini biography from Jane Austen, Ada Lovelace, Cleopatra, J K Rowling, female philosophers and sports stars to inventors. The stories are not sugar-coated. Instead they focus on the virtues of perseverance, persistence, strong work ethic in the face of challenges and obstacles. It empowers young girls to pursue their dreams no matter how difficult this pursuit may be and provides great role models to encourage, inspire and reinforce their faith in their own little abilities.

Guaranteed to delight, inspire and empower your little girls.

good night stories for rebel girls, books to empower inspire young girls


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