A book prescription for imminent fathers or if you are already one :) Enjoy!

(More book prescriptions can be found at Book Therapy)

Room Temperature (Fiction) by Nicholson Baker

A series of musings of home life and looking after a tiny being with the story centred around feeding episodes of his little baby, Bug. Perfect for first-time fathers.














To Kill A Mockingbird (Fiction) by Harper Lee

This American classic is an essential primer for parenting as it inspires and teaches us so eloquently about life skills, justice and equality. A parenting manual set against the backdrop of courtroom drama, it is a must for the home coffee table or bedside.

A provincial lawyer whose wife has died, Atticus Finch, father to Jem, a ten-year old boy and Scout a six-year old girl. A progressive father who talks to his young children like they are adults, he acts as a strong mentor and role model to his kids instilling beautiful parental values such as being true to yourself, honouring your values, being brave, always lending your ear to both sides of the story, remaining calm in a crisis situation and having faith in your children.














More book prescriptions can be found at Book Therapy.

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